LaussyWiki is the wiki engine and its content that powers and constitutes our web site (that you are, apparently, currently surfing).

It is heavily based on MediaWiki (version 1.16.0).


Other parts of it are:


To include one section of a page into another, enclose in the page you want to select with sections and a tag (unique):

<section begin=CaerCaradoc2020 />
<section end=CaerCaradoc2020 />

Then, in the page where this is to be included, use lst template with the page name and the tag:



The <a> tag is forbidden, therefore internal links must be set with div or span (span uniquely in a header):

<div id="Unique anchor name 1">optional text</div>

<span id="Unique anchor name 2">optional text</span>

Rendered block-level and inline, respectively. Doing this would allow for
[[#Unique anchor name 1]] on the same page or [[Help:Links#Unique anchor name 1]]
on a different page. Omit the "optional text" for an invisible anchor.

Setting an anchor in a section heading

==<span id="Alternate Section Title"></span>Section heading==

Note the placement. This must be a "span" tag, not a "div". (Such anchors allow 
sections to be retitled without breaking incoming links.)

To do

  • Run our own math rendering utility, which is trivial in principle (we do locally) but not when you depend on a web host. Done with MathJax.
  • Better support of galleries. Done with FancyBoxThumbs.
  • Better support of download/upload.