Hay en estas esquinas un rumor...


Ni le courage d'êgre juif
Ni l'élegance d'être nègre
On se croit mèche, on n'est que suif.

Jacques BrelVoir un ami pleurer.

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala is the most interesting phenomenon in our contemporary cultural and comedy landscape, due to the exaggerated response that some of his sketches have elicited from both the legal and executive powers, resulting in his banning from YouTube and other social platforms (even before Trump). The reason is his alleged antisemitism, although himself a notorious anti-racist who positioned himself several times against segregation and hatred which, however, failed to convince as of their universalism when he started to blame Israel's policy against Palestinians. The whole story is worth close attention and will certainly becomes a standard, not only of our times, but of History as a whole with regard to sensible themes such as freedom of speech, double language and antisemitism, etc.