Columbus P-10 Pro

The Columbus P-10 Pro is a GPS logger that we acquired on 20 May (2022).

☠ Not pickingup signal

The device occasionally would stop picking up signal. We have been given various instructions:

A factory reset should bring the device back to life. This is how you
do a factory reset:

Step 1) Remove the memory card from the device.

Step 2) Press and hold the POI and Function button, then press the
Power button as well. Press and hold all 3 buttons together for 5
seconds. Do not release the buttons until the status light turns

Step 3) After about 13 seconds, you should hear a long beep - this
will not take longer than 20 seconds. This first confirms that the
factory settings have been successfully loaded. Only then has the
factory reset also been successfully completed.

Step 4) Insert the memory card and see if a positioning can now be
successfully completed now.

We hope these steps will bring your device back to life and look
forward to your feedback

This worked once but failed on subsequent occasions, so we inquired again and this time got this reply (on 22 June (2023)):

I can fully understand that you are not satisfied and no, this
behavior is not usual.

Can you please tell me what serial number your device has and what
firmware is used? If it is firmware version V2.3, then this hangup may
be due to this firmware. The firmware had a bug, which is why we don't
offer it for download at the moment. A new firmware will be released
next days. If you have V2.3, I would ask you to downgrade the firmware
to V2.2 at the moment. This would explain the hangup of the device.

You can download the older firmware here:

[...] (more emails) [...]

you can find the instructions on page 6 of the manual:

Please send us your INFO.txt file.

We uploaded Firmware V2.2 and updated it, but the problem returned some time later.


Screenshot 20220528 104421.png

They also provide a "TimeAlbum™ Pro" app, that can be run with Linux through java, although one needs for that the Oracle version, not the open one from apt:

laussy@covid:~/Dropbox/Fabrice/comp/java$ ./jre1.8.0_333/bin/java -jar TimeAlbumProLinux.jar 

To Load the configuration file on the SD card, press the "Power Button" and the "POI Button “simultaneously until you hear 3 short beeps, then the 3 lamps will flash three times at the same time, and finally you hear one long beep, indicating the configuration is successfully completed:

Screenshot 20220625 140026.png

CSV to GPX conversion

We noted, although did not establish for sure, that GPX logging could be troublesome to pick-up satellites and record all data points.

CSV seems to be troublefree. This still needs to be converted to GPX format though, which we do with a little script I wrote:

csv2gpx input.CSV

For all them simultaneously, of course:

for f in *.CSV; do csv2gpx "$f"; done