Moscow (Москва) is the capital of Russia, and as such, is one of the most important cities in the world. It is the second most populated European cities (after Istanbul).

Sites of interest

Where to eat

Food is not the highlight of Russian culture, surprisingly. Iconic gastronomy is actually Georgian. These are interesting places to go:

  • Rulet Cafe (R1200)
  • Tetri [7], Georgian.
  • Bochka, popular with Russians.
  • Hachapuri [8], Georgian (R2000)
  • Conservatory Lounge & Bar [9], With great views.
  • Turandot [10], Gastronomic in cozy interiors (R4000).
  • Elki-Palki, Inexpensive Russian, many restaurants.
  • Му Му, Large selection of Russian cuisine at inexpensive prices (The first of the self-serve Russian cuisine chains in Moscow). Great selection from the grill.
  • Grably, Russian, inexpensive (various restaurants in the city, one nearby Tetriakov gallery).
  • Kamchatka, Unexpensive Russian, nearby red square.