Fabrice's publication metrics

Since 2012, there is no need of recording publication metrics since Google Scholar made them open access for everybody. So if you are interested in my current metrics, head this way.

Or see the actual publications instead.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a fairly good marker of publications, as it is freely accessible and actually of higher quality than other engines (it has a little, but not much, contamination from spurious citations, such as abstracts in conferences, unpublished university thesis at the undergraduate level, etc. However it catches most of them, and it is better to put some that shouldn't be than to miss others that should).

Metrics for 2012

for the first 20 entries:

Fabrice P. Laussy-Google Scholar Citations-2012.png

ISI Web of Knowledge (WoK)

This tool seems less stable (data for past years fluctuate more) and less reliable then Google Scholar. The main inconvenient of the ISI WoK though is that it is not freely available.

Metrics for 2011

According to the ISI Web of Science as of 1, January (2012):

  • Sum of the Times Cited: 546
  • Average Citations per Item: 9.25
  • h-index: 10 (10 papers quoted at least 10 times). The details for them read:


Metrics for 2010

According to the ISI Web of Science as of 4, January (2011):

  • Sum of the Times Cited: 353
  • Average Citations per Item: 12.17
  • h-index: 9 (9 papers quoted at least 9 times). The details for the first ten read:


Metrics for 2009

According to the ISI Web of Science as of 29, January (2010):

  • Sum of the Times Cited: 239
  • Average Citations per Item: 7.71
  • h-index: 8 (8 papers quoted at least 8 times). The details for them read (total includes figures of 2010):