$\mathbb{X}$ (blackboard X in $\mathrm{\LaTeX}$) is Elon Musk's version of Twitter, which kept much of the old things (including the vocabulary, we're still "tweeting", not "exxing") but—supposedly—withdrew the censorship, which had become intolerable.

The intent of having a live, delocalized and cross-boundaries snapshot of the state of the World's affairs is a great one but in practice, that is diminished by the huge bias of the type of people who would engage in such an endeavor, that is, people with a propensity to opine (often on «tout et n'importe quoi») publicly, so, through the peer-pressure and weight of conformism, also with the personal engagement motivating the reaction, hardened by the passion of immediate and little thought-over reactions. In a nutshell, thing as they are seen through the $\mathbb{X}$ lens tend to be very different from how they look in the real world. Dramatically, some people tend to form their opinion of what is really going on from what they see on social media.

Twitter became $\mathbb{X}$ in July (2023). Interestingly, there has been a dedicated $\mathbb{X}$ page on this website before there's been one on Wikipedia (?!)Snapshot of Wikipedia on 18 October 2023 when the X page is created on my website:
it is still Twitter for Wikipedia!
Screenshot 20231018 094135.png


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