Mindelheim, Memmingen, Ottobeuren & Kaufbeuren (July 2022)

A two-nights campervan exploration of places around Memmingen, which we failed to visit on several occasions, including on our way in from the Hans Fisher trip. We took the occasion of poor weather in the Alps to turn to cities and villages instead. The storm, however, followed us up to there. We started with everything Mindel on the first day (22 July (2022)): Mindelheim, Mindelsee and Mindelburg, then Memmingen on the second day (23 July (2022)) and a collection of interesting locations on our way back, away from the highway, concluding in the Ammersee.


This was a more pleasant than expected start, with beautiful streets adorned with baroque façades. We then spent the night by the local 'See', where we were warned by divers there that we had parked nearby a nest of hornets, and indeed some of them were already circling around us, one biting Fabrice on the arm as we were retreating.


Memmingen's old town is one of the best preserved in southern Germany with medieval buildings surviving World War II. It is also home to the Twelve Articles: The Just and Fundamental Articles of All the Peasantry and Tenants of Spiritual and Temporal Powers by Whom They Think Themselves Oppressed, written 1525. This is the first universal declaration of human rights since the 1215 Magna Carta was protecting the rights of the gentry.


We spent the night nearby a lake, which was a great swimming spot. The storm was a delight to look at with the door opened yet still sheltered from the rain.


Unlike many other churches, St. Alexander and Theodore does not face east, but faces south.

Ottobeuren museum of modern art

Markt Rettenbach

A less notable place to stop but one where we could find, however, plenty of Trinkwasser from the Saint Jacobus himself.


Kaufbeuren is enclosed by big walls, which Luz and Fabrice toured while Julia and Elena were attending a choir concert at the Saint Martin church. Luz was commenting out loud on the performance so she had to be escorted out but we could enjoy the Encore from the door step.


Amersee is one of the big Bavarian lakes within the public-transport reach of Munich (along with the Starnbergersee). It has warm waters due to an extremely shallow descent, that make the water rise to your knees after hundred of meters of walking. We arrived in the early evening, but the bathing experience was still great, maybe even optimum.