Wolverhampton painting project (2019)

This is project done by Elena and Julia, started soon after moving to Wolverhampton (July 2019).

We got two notebooks, one purple for Julia and another one blue for Elena, and decided to paint in each page an inspiring landmark of Wolverhampton.

With this project, we hope to find hidden beauty and capture the character of Wolverhampton.

Page 0: Duke of York

We started without notebook, just to see how we do. We sat outside this pub, The Duke of York (2 July (2019)) and painted it.

Page 1: West park lake and conservatory

We sat on the grass of West Park, full of daisies (2 July (2019)) and painted the view. We included Fabrice reading on a bench. I included Julia posing.

Page 2: Scholars Walk (our home)

We sat in front of the building, at the University premises, and painted (1 August (2019)). Julia finished quickly but Elena had to finish it later on with the picture at hand.

Page 3: Nine Elms Park

We sat in near the park, having some mandarins and painted for a while (23 August (2019)). Until a little girl came and asked me to lend her my brush and paper so that she could paint too. Julia was not very happy and I had to finish it later.