(but you're probably looking for $\mathbb{X}$ now?)

Twitter (now $\mathbb{X}$) was a great idea: to keep it short, exploring both the artistic, the scientific and the futile.

This is remarkable since this allows both giants and obscure people to confront themselves to this sensible but enlightening and captivating exercise, both for practitioners and spectators. This includes indeed both your neighbors and people otherwise inaccessible even to the greatest intelligence agencies, like Snowden. It is delightful, for instance, that he is following only one account: the NSA.

Unfortunately, Twitter turned into a one-way, politically-correct censorship-based platform, thus dwarfing its interest to basically that of a propaganda tool. On 7 January (2022), I turned to GETTR [1] instead though with little illusion of its chances of overcoming Twitter. It became a full-scale, in-the-open censorship platform with its peak at banning the president of the United States in exercise. This symbolic event will remain a milestone of our contemporary History.

With Elon Musk's 2022 takeover, there has been some hope for a possible return to an online public place hosting the full spectrum of political and other types of opinions. It is unclear whether this is successful, but at least this shows the problem was so serious that it has been frontally addressed by someone in a position (with no clear interest) to do so. It then became $\mathbb{X}$ (not a rebranding that I particularly like) which is where I will maintain my "Twitter" activity from now on.


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