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It's just where I put stuff that I'm experimenting on for possible f¯uture use.


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Hello, world!

Fred has: 10 pineapples 5 kiwis

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<a href="https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4562518/?ref_=tt_plg_rt" ><img alt="El ciudadano ilustre (2016) on IMDb" src="https://ia.media-imdb.com/images/G/01/imdb/plugins/rating/images/imdb_46x22.png"> </a> <script> (function(d,s,id){var js,stags=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if(d.getElementById(id)){return;}js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id; js.src="https://ia.media-imdb.com/images/G/01/imdb/plugins/rating/js/rating.js"; stags.parentNode.insertBefore(js,stags);})(document,'script','imdb-rating-api'); </script>

Hi there


Our Halloween collection of pumpkins

(that we use for Halloween specials)

This one Halloween-hat.png also qualifies.

¿Hey? Thorne-spider.jpegThorne-spider.jpegThorne-spider.jpegThorne-spider.jpegThorne-spider.jpeg

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$$ \begin{align*} \tag{1} a\ket{n}&=\sqrt{n}\ket{n-1}\,,&\bra{n}\,&a=\bra{n+1}\sqrt{n+1}\,,\\ \ud{a}\ket{n}&=\sqrt{n+1}\ket{n+1}\,,&\bra{n}\,&\ud{a}=\bra{n-1}\sqrt{n}\,, \end{align*} $$

$$ \begin{align*} \kern-1cm{(\mathrm{for}~i\le n+j)}\kern1cm a^i{\ud{a}}^j\ket{n}&={(n+j)!\over\sqrt{n!}\sqrt{(n+j-i)!}}\ket{n+j-i}\,,\\ \kern-1cm{(\mathrm{for}~i\le n)}\kern1cm a^{\dagger j}a^i\ket{n}&={\sqrt{n!}\sqrt{(n+j-i)!}\over(n-i)!}\ket{n+j-i}\,. \end{align*} $$



playing with faces

arial font algerian font bookman font braggadocio font courier font desdemona font garamond font modern font symbol font (These are pretty silly.) wingdings font (As are these.)


Blog:Sandbox File:laussy-jornada-divulgacion.ppt

$$f(z) = \left( \prod_{j=1}^n \frac{z - z_j}{1 - \overline{z_j}z} \right) \left( \prod_{j=1}^m \frac{z - w_j}{1 - \overline{w_j}z} \right)^{-1} g(z)$$



$$ \newcommand{\Re}{\mathrm{Re}\,} \newcommand{\pFq}[5]{{}_{#1}\mathrm{F}_{#2} \left( \genfrac{}{}{0pt}{}{#3}{#4} \bigg| {#5} \right)} $$

We consider, for various values of $s$, the $n$-dimensional integral \begin{align} \tag{2} W_n (s) &:= \int_{[0, 1]^n} \left| \sum_{k = 1}^n \mathrm{e}^{2 \pi \mathrm{i} \, x_k} \right|^s \mathrm{d}\boldsymbol{x} \end{align} % which occurs in the theory of uniform random walk integrals in the plane, where at each step a unit-step is taken in a random direction. As such, the integral (2) expresses the $s$-th moment of the distance to the origin after $n$ steps.

By experimentation and some sketchy arguments we quickly conjectured and strongly believed that, for $k$ a nonnegative integer \begin{align} \tag{3} W_3(k) &= \Re \, \pFq32{\frac12, -\frac k2, -\frac k2}{1, 1}{4}. \end{align} Appropriately defined, (3) also holds for negative odd integers. The reason for (3) was long a mystery, but it will be explained at the end of the paper.

\[  \begin{aligned}
\nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{B}} -\, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{E}}}{\partial t} & = \frac{4\pi}{c}\vec{\mathbf{j}} \\   \nabla \cdot \vec{\mathbf{E}} & = 4 \pi \rho \\
\nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{E}}\, +\, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{B}}}{\partial t} & = \vec{\mathbf{0}} \\
\nabla \cdot \vec{\mathbf{B}} & = 0 \end{aligned}

\begin{aligned} \tag{4} \nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{B}} -\, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{E}}}{\partial t} & = \frac{4\pi}{c}\vec{\mathbf{j}} \\ \nabla \cdot \vec{\mathbf{E}} & = 4 \pi \rho \\ \nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{E}}\, +\, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{B}}}{\partial t} & = \vec{\mathbf{0}} \\ \nabla \cdot \vec{\mathbf{B}} & = 0 \end{aligned}

That's (4) or (3) above!

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Do you know this formula of mine <m>\frac{2\pi^2}{q}\int_0^\infty f(r)J_1(qr)rdr</m>?

21, May (2010) 17, August (2010)

<plot> set pm3d at s solid set palette rgb -6,-15,-7 unset colorbox set ticslevel 0 unset ztics unset surface set samples 70 set isosamples 70,70 complex(x,y)=x*{1,0}+y*{0,1} mandel(x,y,z,n) = (abs(z)>2.0 || n>=1000)? log(n): mandel(x,y,z*z+complex(x,y),n+1) a=-0.38 b=-0.612 set multiplot set origin 0,0 set size 0.55,0.77 splot [-0.5:0.5][-0.5:0.5] mandel(a,b,complex(x,y),0) set origin 0.35,-0.15 set size 0.7,0.96 set view 0,0,,, splot [-0.5:0.5][-0.5:0.5] mandel(a,b,complex(x,y),0) </plot>


       \relative c' { 
               e16-.->a(b gis)a-.->c(d b)c-.->e(f dis)e-.->a(b a)
               gis(b e)e,(gis b)b,(e gis)gis,(b e)e,(gis? b e)


<music> \new Pianostaff << \new Staff { \time 2/2 \clef violin \key cis \minor \relative c \context Staff << \new Voice { \voiceOne

 r4 cis8 dis e4 fis
 gis8 fis gis a gis fis e gis
 fis e fis gis fis e dis fis
 e dis e fis e d cis e
 d cis d e d cis b d
 cis b cis d cis b a cis
 b a b cis b a gis b
 a2 r cis2.

} \new Voice { \voiceTwo

 e,8 gis a b cis dis bis cis
 dis4 r r2
 r4 fis, b b
 b a8 gis a2
 gis8 gis fis eis fis2

} \new Voice { \voiceThree \stemDown

 s1 s s s
 s2. fis4
 eis2 fis

} >> } \new Staff { \clef bass \time 2/2 \key cis \minor \relative c' \context Staff << \new Voice { \voiceOne

 r4 gis cis cis
 cis bis8 ais bis2
 b2. s4
 b2 cis~
 cis~ cis8 cis b a

} \new Voice { \voiceTwo

 bis2 e
 cis4 e a a
 a gis8 fis gis2~
 gis fis
 a2 fis~
 fis8 fis e dis e4

} \new Voice { \voiceThree

 cis4 b a2
 gis4 r4 g2\rest
 r4 cis' fis fis
 fis eis8 dis eis2
 fis r

} >> } >> </music>


Cool videos




Fabrice with Tizon.jpg


Caminante, son tus huellas
el camino y nada más;
Caminante, no hay camino,
se hace camino al andar.
Al andar se hace el camino,
y al volver la vista atrás
se ve la senda que nunca
se ha de volver a pisar.
Caminante no hay camino
sino estelas en la mar.

Antonio Machado
Proverbios y cantare.

British Isles

British Isles all.svg


Spanish cities

# Municipality Autonomous
Pop. (2009)
1 Madrid Flag of Community of Madrid.png 3,255,944
2 Barcelona Flag of Catalonia.png 1,621,537
3 Valencia Flag of Valencian Community.png 852,208
4 Seville Flag of Andalusia.png 703,206
5 Zaragoza Flag of Aragon.png 674,317
6 Málaga Flag of Andalusia.png 568,305
7 Murcia Flag of Region of Murcia.png 436,870
8 Palma Flag of Balearic Islands.png 401,270
9 Las Palmas Flag of Canary Islands.png 381,847
10 Bilbao Flag of Basque Country.png 354,860
11 Alicante Flag of Valencian Community.png 334,757
12 Córdoba Flag of Andalusia.png 328,428
13 Valladolid Flag of Castile and León.png 317,864
14 Vigo Flag of Galicia.png 297,332
15 Gijón Flag of Asturias.png 277,554
16 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Flag of Catalonia.png 257,038
17 A Coruña Flag of Galicia.png 246,056
18 Vitoria-Gasteiz Flag of Basque Country.png 235,661
19 Granada Flag of Andalusia.png 234,325
20 Elche Flag of Valencian Community.png 230,112
21 Oviedo Flag of Asturias.png 224,005
22 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Flag of Canary Islands.png 222,417
23 Badalona Flag of Catalonia.png 219,547
24 Cartagena Flag of Region of Murcia.png 211,996
25 Terrassa Flag of Catalonia.png 210,941
26 Jerez de la Frontera Flag of Andalusia.png 207,532
27 Sabadell Flag of Catalonia.png 206,493
28 Móstoles Flag of Community of Madrid.png 206,478
29 Alcalá de Henares Flag of Community of Madrid.png 204,574
30 Pamplona Flag of Navarre.png 198,491
31 Fuenlabrada Flag of Community of Madrid.png 197,836
32 Almería Flag of Andalusia.png 188,810
33 Leganés Flag of Community of Madrid.png 186,066
34 Donostia-San Sebastián Flag of Basque Country.png 186,066
35 Santander Flag of Cantabria.png 182,700
36 Castellón de la Plana Flag of Valencian Community.png 180,005
37 Burgos Flag of Castile and León.png 178,966
38 Albacete Flag of Castile–La Mancha.png 169,716
39 Alcorcón Flag of Community of Madrid.png 167,967
40 Getafe Flag of Community of Madrid.png 167,164
41 Salamanca Flag of Castile and León.png 155,619
42 Logroño Flag of La Rioja.png 152,107
43 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Flag of Canary Islands.png 150,661
44 Huelva Flag of Andalusia.png 148,806
45 Badajoz Flag of Extremadura.png 148,334
46 Tarragona Flag of Catalonia.png 140,323
47 Lleida Flag of Catalonia.png 138.416
48 Marbella Flag of Andalusia.png 134,623
49 León Flag of Castile and León.png 134,305
50 Cádiz Flag of Andalusia.png 126,766


Figure (1)

This is a result, so we spare a minute to label the axes and make it a figure of its own, Fig. (1).




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Colors in MathJaX



Trying something awesome

\begin{array}{ l || r | r | r } % & All years\\ & (since 2003) & in 2015 \\ & Impact Factor & All years & in 2015 \\ \hline\hline Nature group~\footnote{Nature \textbf{457}:291 (2009); Nature Physics \textbf{6}:527 (2010); Nature Photonics \textbf{8}:550 (2014); Light: Science \& Applications \textbf{4}:e350 (2015); Nature Communication in press (2015).} & 12--40 & 5 & 2 \\ Phys.~Rev.~Lett.~\footnote{PRL in press (2015); PRL \textbf{115}:196402 (2015); PRL \textbf{114}:233601 (2015); PRL \textbf{113}:226401 (2014); PRL \textbf{112}:113602 (2014); PRL \textbf{109}:183601 (2012); PRL \textbf{105}:233601 (2010); PRL \textbf{104}:106402 (2010); PRL \textbf{103}:096404 (2009); PRL \textbf{101}:083601 (2008); PRL \textbf{93}:016402 (2004); PRL \textbf{91}:156403 (2003).} & 7.5 & 12 & 3 \\ New J. Phys.~\footnote{NJP in press (2015); NJP \textbf{17}:010201 (2015); NJP \textbf{15}:033036 (2013); NJP \textbf{13}:113014 (2011).} & 3.5 & 4 & 2 \\ Phys.~Rev.~A \& B~\footnote{PRA \textbf{91}:043807(2015); PRA \textbf{90}:052111(2014); PRB \textbf{90}:035413(2014); PRB \textbf{84}:195313(2011); PRB \textbf{84}:085320(2011); PRA \textbf{84}:043816(2011); PRB \textbf{81}:035302(2010); PRB \textbf{79}:235326(2009); PRB \textbf{79}:235325(2009); PRB \textbf{78}:085304(2008); PRB \textbf{76}:235317(2007); PRB \textbf{73}:115343(2006); PRB \textbf{73}:035315(2006); PRB \textbf{68}:085311(2003).} & 3 & 14 & 1 \\ Opt. Express, Physics Lett., Eur. Phys. Lett. \& similar & UNIQ34a76171152aaf73-MathJax-14-QINU & 13 & 0 \\ Lower Impact Factor journals & UNIQ34a76171152aaf73-MathJax-15-QINU & UNIQ34a76171152aaf73-MathJax-16-QINU & 0 \\ \hline Total && UNIQ34a76171152aaf73-MathJax-17-QINU & 8 \end{array}

Chronicles of a declining civilization

This ...

Spanish Puppeteers jailed for a play featuring a fictitious terrorist organization

French Police forcefully securing a 72-year-old woman protesting the cutting down of trees

Some people seem to have been touched by God, personally, it would seem he put his finger on their heart, or their soul, or whatever God touches when in the crowd of crass people who crawl the streets and trod the earth, he wants to put a reminder on someone he will meet again later and transcend into pure love and genius...

American Police detain, abuse and jail a man driving his wife in labor to the hospital


A dog dies after being disposed of as hand-luggage in a plane

A United Airline flight attendant insisted for a dog to be placed in the overhead locker despite the protest of the owner who wanted to keep it by her side in the suitable bag intended for this purpose [1]. The dog died (certainly from stress and suffocation). This is the typical illustration of treating living beings as objects which should follow, against common sense and humanity, the company's administrative procedures.

I once flew with Tizon in a plane (of Lufthansa) and he was very badly behaved at the take-off (barking a lot, despite some drug that we gave him, also intended for this purpose of travelling pets, to tranquilise him). He was extremely stressed. After take-off, he kept quiet and fell asleep. I can imagine how his heart would have burst if instead of me petting him through the net, we had confined him in a black and tight locker, banging against the rest of the luggage. Of course, it was extremely disagreeable to have a dog bark like this in a plane. The waitress even came and told me Sir, please!. There was little I could do. Killing the dog is an option our declining and psychopath society could now envision to preserve the peace of mind of the technical slaves.

A girl gets detained 15 days in the USA after unknowingly crossing the frontier during her jogging on the Canadian border


Police shoots at a pet during a home inspection and harm a little girl standing nearby

Just before he started to shoot randomly in the dark, unconcerned for the safety of the children all around, you can hear him laugh about something. [3] The reported reason for the shooting was that the dog attacked (you can hear him bark) but so violent was the attack and so controlled was the shooting that the dog was not even harmed in the process.

Fabrice Laussy
University of Wolverhampton
Faculty of Science & Engineering
MA206 Wulfruna building
Wulfruna St, Wolverhampton WV1 1LY, UK