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Polariton vortices

Rabi-oscillating vortices

Rabi-oscillating vortices is a phenomenon discovered experimentally by Lorenzo Dominici and first described theoretically by David Colas and myself, which was consequently first published in David's PhD thesis (his Chapter 5) in 2016. The work was published in 2021 only, following years of relentless discussions with obstinate referees.

The first journal publication is probably that of Rahmani and Dominici[1] in PRB, who focused on the effect of detuning. Nina Voronova who first examined the work as part of David's tribunal, later became a key author of their theoretical descriptions.

Other literature


  1. Detuning control of Rabi vortex oscillations in light-matter coupling. A. Rahmani and L. Dominici in Phys. Rev. B 100:094310 (2019).