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Please use my gmail address

Please use fabrice.laussy@gmail.com to contact me.

This is the most efficient and reliable way (see here for other ways).

gmail is great, it is reliable, it is huge and it is permanent. It has already survived four academic email affiliations (which do not exist anymore but in print and in mailing lists). It also does an excellent job at sorting out important emails addressed to me from the ton of advertisements, promotions, forums, social things, etc., that are nicely tabulated.

I have an academic address (F.Laussy@wlv.ac.uk) which however is the recipient for mailing lists and that I consult with 100% attention span only when bored and/or upset. Emails sent there are also slower to get to me, they are delayed by about 5 minutes (when the thing works).

Moreover, for years now (I'm writing this on 27, August (2019)), and with no prospects of a resolution, the wlv pop server has been misbehaving, making it a small—but nonzero—probability that I will miss your email if not sent to gmail directly.

Screenshot 20190827 102547.png

As an escalation on the above situation, on 28 January (2022), I actually lost access to my email, if not logging in from a University computer:

Screenshot 20220128 122042.jpg

So please use fabrice.laussy@gmail.com to contact me.