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We call overlanding a trip where the valuable part is done mainly or largely by car. This activity became relevant with Elena's parents getting a car able to go on unpaved roads. We still tend to walk round even if the car would be able to go through all the way but this definitely reduces the time and distance significantly as compared to a traditional hike.


Arroyo de Mojapán

On 19 May (2018). In the fields nearby home. We stopped on two spots with virtually no walking done.

Arroyo de Tejada

On 20 May (2018). Also with Tizon. This time, we walked a full loop, again in the countryside that we have nearby home, but starting from the middle of the fields, so allowing to make a morning 5km walk, that would have taken us twice this time and distance otherwise.ArooyoTejadaMay18-trajectory.png

Coto Bello (Asturias)

On 31 August (2018), with Elena's parents and Camilo, during our trip to Asturias (August 2018).