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News 2011

Past and future.

  1. (19 May 2012) We attend Alaine & Dave's wedding in Tuscany.
  2. (23-26 January 2012) We attend the LASE SPIE Photonics West conference with one invited (Elena) & one contributed (Fabrice) talk.
  3. (12 December) Michael Schrapp gives his Diploma Thesis final talk (exact time & location tbc, but this will be somewhere in the WSI).
  4. (9-15 December) Visit of Tom Taylor (university of Southampton).
  5. (30 November-2 December) We participate to the Workshop "Memory-effects in solids" at the Technische Universität Berlin, with two talks: Effects of fast fluctuations in the coherent excitation of quantum dots and molecules., F.P. Laussy et al. and Strong-coupling as a non-Markovian effect, E. del Valle et al.
  6. (12 November) Our text Generation of a two-photon state from a quantum dot in a microcavity by del Valle et al. is published in New J. Phys. 13, 113014 (2011).
  7. (9 November) Our text Luminescence spectra of quantum dots in microcavities. III. Multiple quantum dots by Laussy, Laucht, del Valle, Finley & Villas-Bôas is published in Phys. Rev. B, 84 195313 (2011).
  8. (15 October) Open day at the TUM in Garching [1][2] and worldwide demonstration against corruption and ruthless capitalism (we'll be in Munich).15.10.11.png
  9. (10 October) Our text "Regimes of strong light-matter coupling under incoherent excitation" by del Valle & Laussy is published in Phys. Rev. A, 84, 043816 (2011).
  10. (6 October) Oktobernachsitzung at 24c Münchener Straße, please confirm attendance.
  11. (4 October) Seminars Addressing phonons in semiconductor quantum dot-QED: entanglement, non-equilibrium phonon, and photon distributions by A. Carmele and J. Kabuß, ZNN seminar room, 17.00.
  12. (4-8 October) Visit of Dr. Alexander Carmele & Julia Kabuß from the Nichtlineare Optik und Quantenelektronik von Halbleitern group of the Technische Universität Berlin.
  13. (29 July) Can you see the difference between <m>e^{i\pi}=-1</m> and $e^{i\pi}=-1$? (the answer is MathJax, now powering
  14. (21 July) We participate to the B2RUN race at the Olympiapark in Munich, running (6km) for the TUM.
  15. (5 July) Generation of two identical photons from a quantum dot in a microcavity on arXiv (1107.0953).
  16. (2 June) Lasing in Strong Coupling on arXiv (1106.0509).
  17. (31 May) Regimes of strong light-matter coupling under incoherent excitation on arXiv (1105.5836).
  18. (25-28 May) Visit of Daniele Sanvitto.
  19. (9-10 May) We attend the International Conference "Quantum Technology" at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
  20. (19 April) Climbing the Jaynes-Cummings ladder by photon counting on arXiv (1104.3564).
  21. (4-8 April) We participate in the PLMCN11 conference in Berlin with two talks.
  22. (16-20 March) We participate in the MIFP March Meeting in Rome with two talks.

Elena's news

  1. (20 December) Street Christmas concert with my choir Vokal Total: 19 Uhr, in Odeonplatz.
  2. (26 November) Concert with my choir Vokal Total: Geistliche Konzert, 19 Uhr, in der Jesus-Christus-Kirche in Germering, Hartstr.6-8.
  3. (1 August) I start my Humboldt Fellowship.
  4. (3 July) Spanish concert with my choir Vokal Total.
  5. (6 June-29 July) I do intensive German course supported by my Humboldt Fellowship
  6. (15 May) Concert with my choir Vokal Total.
  7. (23 March) End of my Newton International Fellowship.
  8. (15 March) I am awarded an Alexander Humboldt Fellowship to work in the group of Prof. Michael Hartmann in Munich.

Fabrice's news

  1. (8 November) Our paper Superconductivity with excitons and polaritons. Review and extension. by F.P. Laussy, T. Taylor, I. Shelykh and A. Kavokin has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Nanophotonics.
  2. (29 August) Our paper Correlation between emission intensity of self-assembled germanium islands and quality factor of silicon photonic crystal nanocavities by N. Hauke et al. is published in Phys. Rev. B 84, 085320 (2011).
  3. (28 June) I get awarded a Ramón y Cajal position.
  4. (13 June) wz v°0.1 is pre-released.


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