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You can also check out our news in Fabrice’s blog or browse our [[old news|news archives]].
You can also check out our news in Fabrice’s blog or browse our [[old news|news archives]].
= News =
= News 2011 =
Past and future.
Past and future.
#  (7 December) We give a shared seminar in the [http://www.sfb787.tu-berlin.de/menue/sfb_787/parameter/en/ SFB 787 Halbleiter-Nanophotonik] at the [http://www.itp.tu-berlin.de/knorr Technische Universität Berlin] with titles ''Cavity QED with quantum dots in microcavities'' and ''Incoherent Mollow triplet''. 
# (31 October) After about one month disruption, our website is back online and [[Blog:Fabrice/The Bliki way|going the bliki way]].
# '''(29 October) Ambre Laussy is born!''' (my [[Lionel|brother]]'s third child [http://laussy.org/blog/2010/bienvenue-a-bord-ambre (see here)]).
# (4 October) First day in [[Contact|Münchener Strasse]].
# (25-30 July) We participate to the [http://www.icps2010.org 30th ICPS] in Seoul (two talks).
# (21-26 June) We participate to the [http://www.ioffe.ru/NANO2010/ 18th International Symposium Nanostructures: Physics and Technology] in Saint-Petersburg (two talks).
# (12-16 April) We participate to the [http://plmcn10.phys.soton.ac.uk PLMCN10] conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico (one invited talk, one poster).
# (19 March) Our paper ''Effect of pure dephasing on the Jaynes-Cummings nonlinearities'' by A. Gonzalez-Tudela ''et al.'' is published as [http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/OE.18.007002 Opt. Express '''18''', 7002 (2010)].
# (16 February) We attend the ''Newton International Fellowship Day'' in Carlton House Terrace, London, where [[Elena]] presents a poster.
# (5 January) Our paper ''Two-photon lasing by a single quantum dot in a high-Q microcavity'', by del Valle ''et al.'', is published as [http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevB.81.035302 Phys. Rev. B '''81''', 035302 (2010)].
# (4 January) Our papers ''Quantitative Description of Strong-Coupling of Quantum Dots in Microcavities'' by Laussy ''et al.'' [http://link.aip.org/link/?APCPCS/1199/359/1] and ''Observation of Quantum Hydrodynamic Effects in Microcavity Polaritons'' by Amo ''et al.'' [http://link.aip.org/link/?APCPCS/1199/173/1], presented and featured at the [http://www.icps2008.org/ ICPS 29] conference, are finally published after two years of delay (the time it took the editors of this huge conference to chase all the referees and authors).
# (January) Our paper ''Anticrossing in the PL spectrum of light–matter coupling under incoherent continuous pumping'', by Gonzalez-Tudela ''et al.'', is published as [http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.spmi.2009.06.010 Superlatt. Microstruct., '''47''' 16 (2010)].
== [[Elena]]'s news ==
== [[Elena]]'s news ==
* (21 September) Seminar at [http://www.phys.ucl.ac.uk University College London], titled "Pump induced entanglement of two coupled quantum systems".
* (7 May) My paper ''Strong and weak coupling of two coupled qubits'' is published as [http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevA.81.053811 Phys. Rev. A, '''81''', 053811 (2010)].
== [[Fabrice]]'s news ==
== [[Fabrice]]'s news ==
* (9 November) I give a talk, entitled ''Cavity QED under incoherent pumping: the case of quantum dots in microcavities'' in the [http://www-solidstate.physik.uni-bremen.de/festksem.php Arbeitsgruppe Theoretische Festkörperphysik] of [http://www.physik.uni-bremen.de/ Universität Bremen].
* (8 October) I give a talk, entitled ''Nonlinear regime of strong-coupling of a quantum dot in a microcavity'', in the [http://qurope.eu/content/solid-fall-workshop-interfacing-solid-state-qip-systems SOLID Workshop], [http://www.wsi.tum.de WSI], [[Munich]].
* (9 March) The paper ''Exciton-Polariton Mediated Superconductivity'' by Laussy, Kavokin and Shelykh is published as [http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.106402 Phys. Rev. Lett. '''104''', 106402 (2010)].

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You can also check out our news in Fabrice’s blog or browse our news archives.

News 2011

Past and future.

Elena's news

Fabrice's news