Welcome to Elena and Fabrice's corner on the web.

We set up this web site on 1st of January 2008, among other things as an experiment into web development, css, javascript, php and mysql but mainly, hopefully, to host content. So far, we have 1,106 pages featuring a total of 9,897 files. The wiki has serviced 9,565,233 views. Most of the site is in English, the lingua franca of technology and communication, but whenever appropriate or relevant, parts of it are in Spanish and/or French, possibly some combinations. This is the case of this page which has the rare distinction to be available in all three of these languages. But as the translation one way or the other is always a fun exercise with the Sapir-Whorf's hypothesis, we don't exclude to extend this practise to other pages of wide interest.

Depending on your interest(s), you can continue your visit through our blogs (for some daily temper), our news, our curricula or our contacts page.

If you have more focused interests, one way or the other, you can try more academic material or go directly to the fun stuff. You can also try your luck with a random page.

About the photo

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid, as seen from our flat (Mayorcita) on the Viernes Santo of the year MMXIV, decorates the head of our pages since this day.