– Monseigneur, vous qui tirez parti de tout, voilà pourtant un carré inutile. Il vaudrait mieux avoir là des salades que des bouquets.

– Madame Magloire, répondit l’évêque, vous vous trompez ; le beau est aussi utile que l’utile.

Il ajouta après un silence : Plus peut-être.


Gardens are more than a delight, they are the first and ultimate meeting point of Man and God. God has the full of Nature, in its wilderness, cruel beauty and infinite variations. Man has his acres of tamed and nurtured selections. Of course—this is his nature—man tries to outperform God and craft the perfect garden, free of weeds and pest, with everything pruned and bathed in colors and scent. God, I am sure, smiles pleasantly on this. The heavenly garden is of course his, Paradise, probably. We have been left with the unattended, sick, rotting and decaying garden that is the World we live in when we got expelled from Eden. Gardens are never perfect in the physical world. But they can be in the mental projection one can form of what would be, what could be. This is a metaphor of the spiritual projection one can make of everything else, but with flowers, fruits and trees.

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