European Union

The European Union is not Europe.

This is the most important thing to say about it.

Fp.laussy.jpg There is a noble and great idea underlying a union of the European countries. These are the most culturally rich, diverse and still the most complementary nations with a common past and the same vision for the future. But this is used to fool European people that the EU is an incarnation of such aspirations, while it is, in fact, an imperialistic project. It is not good for people, at least, not for most people. It is, actually, good for people like me. I am the true European: expat, married to a Spanish woman, living in a different country every 3 or 4 years, speaking to my daughter in three different languages. Still, even for people like me, Europe is at best a cheap commodity (for the mobile phone or currency exchange). It does not even work for citizenship, living somewhere or having a car, which have always been a headache and I got into déjà-vus problems with the police from at least four countries on these issues. For most people who don't need such a fusion (destruction) of the nation-states, Europe is a structure of destruction, of impoverishment, of enslavement. The worst thing is, it will probably not even work and is called to collapse. Attempts to maintain it will result in violent police repression, which is best illustrated by the gilets jaunes movement in France, which will become commonplace everywhere.

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