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My first years in Asturias, straddling the horse my mother made for me.

I am a Spanish scientist, married to a French man, currently living in Germany and right now writing this short vita in English...

I completed my PhD in the Departamento Física Teórica de la Materia Condensada, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in March 2009. My thesis was about light-matter interaction in 2D semiconductor microcavities and quantum dots embedded in microcavities, with Prof. Carlos Tejedor. After that, I held a Newton International Fellowship (March 2009-2011), at the University of Southampton in the group of Prof. Alexey Kavokin.

I have recently been granted a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers (2011-2013) to work at the Technische Universität München (Germany) with Dr. Michael Hartmann.