Darren Aronofsky

Aronofsky is a movie director and writer whose style is sufficiently sui generis as to deserve attention. One can see from works such as The Fountain the great dedication and personal input he puts in his movies, maybe not always to the best effect. This is the case for this particular movie (Fountain) which was not greatly received by the wider public but generated a cult-following from smaller groups, as you would expect from such off-the-beaten-track creators. At least one of his movies, mother!, is a timeless masterpiece. It seems that Requiem for a Dream is its most important/famous work, so we should see it.


  • Pi
  • Requiem for a Dream GreenTick.png31 August 2019 (ouch!)
  • Below
  • The Fountain GreenTick.png (weird)
  • The Wrestler
  • Black Swan GreenTick.png (nice but not particularly memorable)
  • Noah
  • Mother! GreenTick.png (timeless masterpiece)