How to contact us

In this page is the best information available to get in touch with us. Elena is mainly based in the UK and Fabrice in Germany, but we are in a period of our lives where we do travel a lot.

Where we are now

In good old Southampton, UK.


Elena del Valle Reboul

  • Spanish mobile: +34 639 48 85 27
  • British mobile: +44 (0)7941 160923 (try this one first)
  • German mobile: +49 (0)1578 8499305

Fabrice Laussy

Our offices


School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Southampton,
Highfield, Southampton,
SO17 1BJ
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 9627


I am in Prof. Jonathan Finley's Nanostructure Photonics Group, in the Walter Schottky Institute. The new building is currently under construction, I am presently in the big office of Michiel Kaniber et al. in the old one. Formal address exists though:

Walter Schottky Institut
Technische Universität München 
Am Coulombwall 3
D-85748 Garching

and also:

  • Fon: +49 (0)89 289 12784
  • Fax: +49 (0)89 289 12704

Our private addresses

In United Kingdom

Flat 7
55 Adelaide Road 
SO17 2HU
Great Britain

In Germany

Herr Laussy und Frau del Valle
Zimmer 007
Hochschulhaus Garching
Enzianstraße 5
85748 Garching

See [1].

Where we live in the world

This map shows the main three locations where we live or have our family roots. You can also see where we lived in the past.

<googlemap lat="46.498392" lon="4" zoom="5"> 50.922013, -1.386917, Southampton 45.512521,3.452115, Chaméane 40.602375,-3.711840, Tres Cantos 48.256813, 11.65512, Garching bei München </googlemap>