A big part of "serious" chess is the opening theory.


Fabrice's chess games

I'm currently (since 9 February (2015)) playing on the fantastic, free-software platform, lichess (see I won my first tournament there on 4, January (2018) in the U1700 Blitz Arena, following a streak of terrible losses allowing me to compete in such low-rated competition. I first broke the 2000-rating barrier on 18 March (2020), with an admittedly very poor game, against an opponent who managed to promote a second queen and who missed a mate in 1, but which was however starting from a 1994 rating, allowing to pass this long-time objective. My current record is 2057, achieved on 30 March (2020).

Tournaments I won

Sicilian defense

My first game. I was waiting for someone to send me a parameter for a computer code by email, and started playing crappy blitz chess on the internet. I decided this was a loss of time and decided to play at least 10 minutes games (as compared to lightning that go 1 or 2 minutes in all) and to analyze them. During my first game came the parameter by phone, disrupting me quite a lot, but I won anyway as starting from a neutral rating, I was matched against an easy opponent.

  1. 23. e5 is a blunder, the released defence of the knight on d2 is not compensated by 23... Qxd2! 24. Qxe7?? since Qg2#.
  2. 31... Rad8 is the loosing move.

King's gambit


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