We have mouse rollover!

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One of our most cherished goodies in our original website was the mouse rollover, or tooltip. Something like that (roll over!)...

We had to surrender this option when we turned to MediaWiki, since there was no good support for it and, until a few minutes ago, nothing close enough to what we wanted.

Now the situation has changed.

I have hacked a way to bring the wonderful Walter Zorn's tooltips—the very ones we were using in the first place—in MediaWiki, and this makes miracles.

This is very simple to use and quite powerful.

See for yourself! Kreuzot ss.jpg
That's Walter Zorn himself riding a weird stuff. Anyway, his tooltip are awesome, aren't they?

And I haven't made the most out of it yet. It isn't publicly released, it misses a few essentials (like some visual to identify what text you can tooltip), etc. Most of the work is done, though. Essentially, this is one tiny gift in preparation of Elena's birthday, since she's the one who missed the most this option. She kept asking me these last two years: "when are you going to put me back my mouse rollover?"

Now it's done, and available for everybody else.