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Blog: Hacks

This is a collection of tricks, scripts, one-liners, patches, hacks of all sort & anything related to computers and computing. Try at your own risks!

Forcing et al. for all BibTeX entries with more than one author.

Timelapse of a drawing

Supplementary TeX material on arXiv

Common.js on mediawiki

Removing trailing spaces for makeindex

Making space in gmail

Referencing figures by a label in mediawiki

KDE default profile

Emacs regexp for our compound decay rates notation

Snowing in the browser

21844 files

Changing file extensions in multiple LaTeX files

Inflationary bubbles

Walter Zorn's tooltips v°0.2

Wikilog titles and links

From maps to multimaps

Mediawiki 1.22.1, lua, Scribunto and templates from Wikipedia

Multipage extension for Inkscape

Turning Mathematica lists into hashes

Defining macros for Mathjax extension

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