No Madrid for us tonight

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The services of the train company in Spain, the Renfe, are deteriorating quickly at the same time as their fares keep defying common sense and decency. I already wrote on their hideous practice of blocking doors in hours of affluence causing dangerous jamming of people. Lately, it becomes usual to having to wait quarter of an hour in time of affluence. Tonight it even became impossible to go back to Madrid (we have Tizón with us and can't take the bus).

The whole C-4 line collapsed. This is the one passing by the center of the city. It was shut down with little or no information to the passengers if I judge by the tweets below:


As for us, two people from the Security, instead of agents from the company, were baring the entry of the station saying that it was closed and would not operate for the rest of the night. When asking for more details, the reply came out a bit surprising: "we don't know, we don't work for Renfe" (no sabemos mas que eso, es que no nosotros no somos de la renfe).

Therefore, we'll stay in Tres Cantos (most other people won't have such a nice way out).