Halloween literature

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«Back in September, I told my 9 year-old that he'd get his first shot of a COVID vaccine by Halloween»

This is not the opening line of a horror novel, but a serious comment from Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH @ashishkjha, a Dean of something somewhere. If you do not feel the thrill of such a morbid association, maybe the comments, that I screenshot below as a snapshot of growing insanity, will clarify the tones of this picture. To me, they are beyond belief, painting a world where children's greatest aspiration is to "get the jab", celebrating "Vaccine-o-ween" and being "independently minded kid" for demonstrating frustration and anxiety at the delay of their injection. This is child abuse from people that have been indoctrinated at an embarrassing level. Read again the opening line. Do we want medical doctors and childhood to make such bondings?

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